Quo – Luminous Gloss Stick (Shine)

Quo Luminous Gloss Stick in ShineAdd a spark of colour and style with the “Luminous Gloss Stick” by Quo, the in-house cosmetic brand exclusive to Shopper’s Drug Mart.  Surprisingly lightweight, the gloss stick glides easily on the lips.  I don’t know if this product actually moisturizes, but its application temporarily smooths my lips over.  If possible, I would recommend wearing the gloss stick over your usual lip moisturizer.  (For some great MMV suggestions, click here.)

The shade I tried was “Shine”, which is a pretty but natural pink colour with a subtle shimmer.  The thick but pointy tip of the pencil applicator allows for a rounded grip and precise application.  Wasn’t too difficult to apply the gloss accurately with a light shade like “Shine” but the pencil grip would likely help with the darker shades like “Glow” or “Flare”.  The Quo luminous gloss stick is paraffin-free and dermatologically approved and is available at your local Shopper’s Drug Mart for $12.


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  1. Same thing happened to me. It broke off as I was opening it. Now, does anyone know how one moves more gloss to the tip. Such a ridiculous design. No wonder it was in the cheap bin at Shoppers. Junk++++

  2. Ive bought this product twice and both were crap. After you finish to the black you cant twist more out. I broke the end of it and stuck a q-tip in it to push up and that was the only way i could get any out. Good gloss stick, crappy design.

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