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On April 22, 2011 the new Canadian movie Textuality starring Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Vancouver’s own Carly Pope (Young People F**king) and Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) will be opening in Vancouver. The film explores the new landscape of dating in the mobile age. Also known as “Netiquette”, here are some DO’s and DON’T’s for dating in the digital age:

Blackberry Bold 9780When you hit it off with that Cutie at the bar…
DO: ask for their number to call or text.
DON’T: Social-Media-stalk without their permission.  How creepy (or desperate) would it be to find that the guy you met at the bar last night has followed you on Twitter, friend-requested you on Facebook and commented on your blog?

If no one picks up when your call…
DO: send a text message.
DON’T: leave a voicemail – no one checks their voicemail anymore.

When texting…
DO: keep it brief.  You can let your sweetie know you’re thinking of them with short messages, but you want to save your best stories for in person.
DON’T: tell your life story in writing.


Wind Mobile has appropriately partnered with this text-saavy movie and is offering Modern Mix Vancouver readers a chance to win a Blackberry Bold 9780 (and two months of service from Wind Mobile) and a pair of opening weekend tickets to Textuality.  Comment below and give me your own example of a DO and DON’T for dating in the digital world and you’ll be put in a random draw to win!  Draw takes place on April 19th and winner will be notified via email by April 20th.


9 Responses

  1. A definite don’t for when you first start to date. Don’t text, ‘how you doin?’. We can only marvel at what a true romantic you are speculate how long it took you to come up with such a sentiment!

  2. If you’re out on a first date, DO put your phone on silent. It’s a totally turnoff to keep having interruptions all night long, especially each time the phone to indicate a text or BBM message.

    When on a first date, DON’T take pictures of your food all night long in order to upload onto Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. even though you’re a foodie. Save it for another visit.

  3. When things are new and exciting…

    DO: text from time to time

    DON’T: let texts be your only form of communication

    When meeting someone online…

    DO: cut to the chase and set up a coffee date sooner rather than later

    DON’T: let the online flirting go on for too long before the first meeting. Last thing you want to do is fall for a false perception of reality.

    On your first date…

    DO: keep your phone hidden and give the other person your undivided attention

    DON’T: check your emails, bbms or @mentions on twitter during the date.

  4. Do use a recent pic of yourself….it can be a big shock when meeting in person for the first time if they used a picture from 10 years ago (people change!)

    Don’t break up with someone or discuss personal things on Facebook or Twitter. People might have family or co-workers on their Facebook or Twitter who may not need to know personal relationship stuff 🙂

  5. DO get to know the person in real life before committing your life to them!
    DON’T overload the person on tweets or Facebook messages, you’ll seem like a stalker!

  6. DO send flirty, I’m-thinking-of-you messages to your love interest.
    DON”T limit yourself to text messaging your love interest. It’s exciting to receive a phone call! It increases the feelings of nervousness and anticipation which are so important when you first start dating (and decide if you want to continue dating) someone.

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