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Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie

Newly launched, the Pixie is the smallest machine ever created by Nespresso. The official dimensions are 11.1 x 32.6 x 23.5 cm. The Pixie enables its users to minimize time, clutter and energy consumption while still creating the perfect single cup of coffee.  This mini machine would be perfect to use in an apartment!  Word of warning – this little machine makes a big noise – perhaps not the ideal disturbance of an early morning’s peace and quiet.

16 sleek and colorful capsules are included with the machine in various aromas and strengths (including 3 decaf).  You can learn more about them here.  If you’re an espresso lover, great.  If not, just add milk afterwards to turn your drink into a latte.  In Vancouver, The Nespresso Pixie can be purchased at The Bay Nespress Boutique (674 Granville Street) and Williams Somana (2903 Granville Street).  Suggested retail price is $269.

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