One Hundred Days – Art Food Remixed


Inspired by pop-up concepts in London and New York City, One Hundred Days (350 Davie Street) is a bold 100 day long experience inspired by the unique collaboration of graffiti art and innovative cuisine.  When my friend Jody and I went to One Hundred Days for brunch last weekend, we thought we had entered an after, AFTER, hours club.  In fact, the dance music was blasting so loudly in the morning, we thought we had just finished a night of dancing and was heading for a hangover breakfast.  It was the strangest combination – eating eggs and toast while a DJ was playing loud house beats.

Brunch was good – nothing out of the ordinary.  I got the Opus Benedict, while my friend got some sort of open-faced breakfast taco.  I can’t remember the name of it, but it was a trio of small tortillas, with scrambled eggs, beans and diced tomatoes on top.  What makes One Hundred Days special is its pop-up concept and eclectic decor.

To reinforce the unique style and design of One Hundred Days, genius duo, renowned interior designer Robert Bailey and energetic graffiti artist Vince Dumoulin will create an edgy, urban and constantly changing environment. Using the stripped down dining room and exterior of the former Elixir Restaurant as his canvas, Dumoulin will be enhancing his work over time, reinforcing its reputation of being uniquely stylish and always fresh. The ever-changing space will serve as a backdrop to the raw, urban and industrial décor.

I took some photos with my iPhone.  Check them out.

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