Sex & The City 2 Party at Opus


By: Hannah Willetts


Shopping, Shoes, Cosmopolitans, beautiful confident women. These things come to mind when we think about Sex and the City and its long awaited second installment, that has rushed into theaters on May 26th. On Thursday, the Opus Hotel and Bar was transformed into a boutique style New York club, complete with a special mini bar serving only the night’s Sex and the City themed drinks, brought to us by SKYY Vodka. I chose to imbibe a few of them, myself favoring the “Glamour Girl”, a cosmo-inspired concoction of simple syrup, fresh lime juice, SKYY vodka and a dash of luxuriously sweat Chambourg, surrounded by a sugared rim. The building was abuzz with people discussing the fashion of the movie, the fashion we were about to see, plot lines and…our love lives I’m sure. With the guests all dressing our parts, we watched the model’s walk the catwalk at eye level, which is always a blessing and a curse, (so close, so much detail, yet so many around it is impossible to take pictures or see their feet, and what woman doesn’t want to know about the SHOES!).

The models were a wonderful quartet, (each introduced as Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte), showcasing styles of dress that each of those women would wear, which was refreshing to see the items walking down represent a large variety of women’s tastes. There was everything from a demure LBD, to an amazing 1970’s inspired jumpsuit, paired with peacock feather earrings. What was also lovely about the broad array of styles, is that there was a variety of silhouettes to chose from, so that if your confidence level does not allow you to indulge in sexy clingy jersey minidresses, it may be tempted by royal blue glittery belted 1970’s style toga dress, paired with a tiny chained clutch, (and a Mr.big of your own), The true ambiance of the evening was the idea that all invitees, whatever reason we were there for, were made to feel very welcome and were also waited upon by lovely and courteous staff. The night was finished off with prizes from the hotel and sponsors, and samples of SJP’s newly released fragrance, which left all the attendees to mingle and have a few more cocktails with their ladies….an evening Carrie herself would call a success!


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