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Dermalogica – enter to win…

Modern Mix Vancouver was recently invited to a skin care therapy session by Dermalogica, the worldwide number one choice of skin care by professionals. Our product educator for the evening, Cory, took the intimate group of bloggers through an interactive demonstration session and walked us through a 5-step skincare regime. Although the session was hosted by Dermalogica, I think these great skincare tips can be applied to anyone’s skincare routine … so read up!

1. Cleanse: Dermalogica recommends a “Double Cleanse” routine, starting with their Precleanse product. It is a plant-based cleansing oil which melts layers of oil, suscreen, waterproof make-up and other unwanted pollutants on your face that build up during the day. Even if you have oily skin, this product is still suitable for you because, as Cory explained, oil attracts oil and makes this formula even more effective.  Think of Dermalogica’s Precleanse as an all-around make-up remover.  For the second part in cleansing, depending on your personal preference with gel or cream, if you have fairly normal/regular skin you can use the Special Cleansing Gel or the Essential Cleansing Solution (creamy).

2. Exfoliate: Exfoliating is important for your skin because it allows your skin to be refined.  As our Dermalogica educator says, “Don’t paint over a dirty house”!  Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant is unlike any other exfoliator that I have ever used!  It comes out of the tube in powder form but once mixed with water, becomes a creamy, cleansing exfoliant.  If you are looking for something more portable, the Daily Resurfacer comes in individually wrapped packets with a finger sized glove that is disposable after one use.  Perfect for travelling!

3. Hydrate:  Even at our age, dehydration often results in uneven skin texture, a tight surface, rough patches and fine lines on your skin….therefore, hydrating your skin is the first step in anti-aging.  I love the format of Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner.  Instead of pouring into a cotton pad and wiping it all over your face, this is a spray product for skin hydration.  According to Cory, we can use this spray toner as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, even over make-up.

4. Treat: We were shown two Dermalogica products – the Map-15 Regenerator which improves skin firmness and clarity and the C-12 Concentrate which helps reduce pigmentation in the skin.  As my skin is generally pretty good, neither product stood out to me.

5. Moisturize: Lastly, moisturizing is essential to your daily skin routine because it helps seal in the nutrients from the previous four steps.  Choose from Dermalogica’s Active Moist, Skin Smoothing Cream and Intensive Smoothing Cream. According to Cory, for a fashion saavy comparison, these cream intensities can be compared to a light spring coat, a fall jacket and a heavy parka.

Lastly, if you have read this far, email with your skincare goal/resolution by May 7, 2010, and one lucky winner will win a surprise full-sized Dermalogica product.

Hope these tips have given you a reminder about how important it is to keep your skin healthy!

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