Vida Spa – Pine and Juniper Berry Massage


Founded in 2002, Vida Spa offers uniquely luxurious, personalized and healing spa experiences including an expansive menu of treatments based on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, all designed to enhance wellness, engage the senses, and nurture body and mind. Because every individual has unique needs, Vida Spa tailors their full range of traditional body therapies, wraps, exfoliations and facial treatments to each client, providing a customized way to restore energy and promote well-being. Vida Spa currently has four spas serving clients in Vancouver, Whistler and Seattle, and will launch their next location at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver in fall 2009.

Last week, I was invited to their Sheraton Wall Centre location for the festive treatment of Vida’s “Pine and Juniper Berry Massage”. The waiting area (see above picture) was extremely tranquil. Big comfortable chairs, couches, and other cushion-y things to sit on were arranged inside the waiting area. The lights were dim, and a small waterfall/fountain was at one end of the room. I was offered tea and water (with lemon or cucumber) as I filled out the health form while I waited for my masseur to lead me to the other room.

The Pine and Juniper Berry Massage begins and ends with a deep breathing aromatherapy exercise where the guest inhales the essential oils of pine and juniper berry, together cleansing the mind and spirit, combating fatigue and bringing to mind a natural holiday feeling. Stressed out guests will immediately find deep relaxation, and the mood is set for a soothing experience.

Next, a massage – using Swedish techniques and base oils infused with pine and juniper berry – continues to relax while imparting a celebratory mood. Pine oil brings a refreshing, invigorating aroma, and naturally soothes sore muscles, elevates mood, increases metabolism and renews dull, tired skin. Juniper’s woody scent offers a cleansing affect on the mind, body and spirit, and both essential oils are extremely beneficial to the skin.

Although it was a pine and juniper berry massage, I don’t have a strong memory of smelling those scents.  Perhaps it would have been better if we are given explanations of which scents and oils were being used throughout the process?  Then again, different people have different preferences about whether they like to be talked to during the massage.  Throughout the massage, heat pads were placed under the blanket to keep warm!  Definitely a cozy escape from the winter cold.

I left Vida Spa feeling much more relaxed that evening.  If you book yourself (or someone special!) in for a 90-minute Pine & Juniper Berry Massage, you will receive $50 back until Christmas!


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