Schwarzkopf OsiS – Upload Style Volume Creme

Schwarzkopf OSiS Upload Style Volume Cream gives instant lightweight volume and medium style control. Upload contains conditioning and natural shine ingredients to create contradictive styles on damp or dry hair. Schwarzkopf Osis Upload Volume Creme Pump is pure volume with a dose of care for multi functional styling purposes. Style as desired. Get more volume and soft movement by using a big round brush.


This blog entry is coming from the point of view of someone who rarely ever uses hair styling products and is a total newbie to hair creams, gels and sprays! When a generous box of Schwarzkopf Osis hair products got delivered to my door last month, I was delighted to be able to play around with hair products I wouldn’t normally try on my own. I dug through the box for something “normal” – for regular hair, for medium styling, for every day use. I came across the “Upload Style Volume Creme” which seemed like a good choice. So I pretty much washed my hair, towel dried it and began to play – with no experience whatsoever with this new product.

The volume upload cream comes in a 6.8 oz plastic pump bottle, which makes it super convenient to just squirt out. No lids to take off, no caps to unscrew. I squirted one pump into the palm of my hand, and just ran the product through my damp hair, using my fingers to comb it through smoothly. This is what I discovered. You know when you normally comb your fingers through your hair, your hair immediately falls flatly back into place? Not so with the Upload Style Volume Creme! When I “tousled” (it’s in quotation marks because I don’t think I’ve ever associated that word with my hair before…) my hair with both hands, it stayed voluminous! But not in a stiff, unnatural, cakey, gel-like way. My hair got kind of wavy, but thicker and fuller. No more limp, flat hair!  Anyway, this is a really good “beginners” product to use for every-day occasions.

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