Shark Truth – Launch Event (Thursday November 19)

Did you know that more people die from vending machines than shark attacks? Although sharks have been portrayed by media as ruthless killers, they are a misunderstood animal and rarely attack or even kill. On average, only 5 people die worldwide from shark attacks each year. In 2007, only a single person died from a shark attack. Meanwhile, up to 80 million sharks are killed each year for shark fin soup…

Come find out what Shark Truth has in mind to help save the sharks as you join them at their launch event at Wild Rice (117 West Pender Street) on November 19th, 8pm to 10pm, for some fundraising, facts and fun.  Hear from world renowned researcher and IUCN Shark Specialist Group Co-Chair, Nick Dulvy share his research findings on shark behaviour and population. Best of all, come mingle with fellow foodies and sample some of Andrew Wong’s local, modern Chinese cuisine with cool drink specials, door prizes and an awesome raffle draw.

Tickets are $20 (includes appies) and can be bought here.


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  1. What a cool event! I love shark fin soup, but ever since I learned more about the practices used to get shark fin I’ve stopped eating it. Let’s hope more people do the same.

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