Boudoir One-Year Anniversary & Fashion Show

Around this time of year, Modern Mix Vancouver was not the only one celebrating its one-year anniversary! Susan Vu of Boudoir (1230 Hamilton Street) held a celebratory fashion show for her boutique, showcasing upcoming trends and collections available from her Yaletown shop. Held next door at I.S. Salon (1260 Hamilton Street), close to a hundred fans and patrons of Boudoir were in attendence as the models walked down the makeshift, L-shaped runway.

Solid colors were a definite trend – with springy pastels occasionally contrasted by greys and blacks. Many of the dresses were cinched mid-body by a sash or through “smocking” a ruffled, elastic pattern. Unique pieces included a one-piece pant-suit (is it a dress? oh wait – it’s pants!), a short navy blue dress with a floral crochet waffle netting around the neckline and a white dress with a soft water color pattern. My personal favorite was an apple green silk dress which Boudoir later on generously sponsored for me to wear at Modern Mix Vancouver’s one-year anniversary. On a side-note, I was also the winner of the gift-basket draw, and won a basket full of beauty products from OPI and Kevin Murphy (really unique plastic container packaging for his products).


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