Suki’s Hair Show

Last night, Suki’s Hair Salon put on an extravagant hair show at Republic.  The evening started off with a competition between three stylists and their models.  Each participant had 15 minutes to transform their model’s hair into a stunning updo.  There was a diverse assortment of hair to be worked with – on the left was sleek black hair; in the middle, a head full of tight ringlets; and on the right, a tousled mass of blond hair. Mirrors behind the chairs allowed the entire process to be viewed from all angles.

Starting from the left, the updo was styled into a slick, upside down cone. How does it stay up like that? Hairspray was involved. Lots of hairspray. Although unusual and extravagant, the sheer sleekness of the entire updo (including an extremely side-swept fringe) made the look bold, yet classy.

Meanwhile, the middle model smiled mysteriously as her curly, curly hair was styled and pinned tightly to her head.

As for the model on the right, the stylist with her quick hands, knotted her hair into a chain-link braid, swept across her forehead. Big rolls were styled at the back of the model’s head, held up with high volume backcombing and hairspray.

The audience cheered and applauded the dazzling creations of the stylists.  Shortly after, part two began, and the same stylists, with the same models, had another 15 minutes to create a new look.

It was amazing to watch, as hair transformed into an updo before our eyes.  The model on the left had stunning red extensions inserted into her hair, reminiscent of a rose in full bloom.  Meanwhile, the model on the right had a criss-cross hair piece jutting out at an angle at the top of her head.  Not so practical for everyday wear, but it showcases the skills and talents of the stylists.

As for the rest of the show, we were offered a taste of everything hairstyling has to offer!  From updos, to long tousled hair, to sleek bob cuts, the stylists at Suki’s can do them all.  Most notably was the use of hair pieces and extensions to enhance the models, transforming their look into an almost space-like creation.  Pre-made accessories were inserted into the hair, creating thicker texture, higher volume and more intricate hair styles.  The audience came for a show, and a performance was what they got.  Burlesque dancers came on stage with extravagant headpieces.  Shortly after, models dressed in fashion outfits made completely out of paper walked across the stage, one with fiery red hair which contrasted the whiteness of her paper outfit.

Most of these were not your everyday haircuts – it’s fashion at its finest – stunning, but impractical.  A definite showcase of talent, and inspiration and imagination.  Limited not by length, color or texture, the crowd catcalled and whistled as the hairstyles became increasingly outrageous.

At the end of the evening, Suki herself came on stage to thank the crowd for coming out.  She talked about how each client that passes through her studio is treated with the heart and talent of each stylist and how each Suki’s client is valued.

For more information about Suki’s Hair Studios, visit their website at  I am also pleased to remind you that Modern Mix Vancouver’s one-year anniversary will be held at the Suki’s South Granville location on Tuesday May 12th from 6:30 to 9pm.  Please RSVP at if you haven’t already.

Photos by Donald Chu


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  1. Crazy looks, they are all fantastic, especially that one of the Asian girl with the streams of hair coming down on either side of her face – it’s like a waterfall! A lot of designers seem into the paper dresses lately, but it would be interesting to see them in various colours, like in fancy origami paper instead of just plain white all the time.

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