Suki’s – Hair Trends 2009

I took my graduation photos at Artona last month and got my hair cut at Suki’s on Granville (206-1030 West Georgia at Burrard) for the occasion. As I had my initial consultation with Abbie Merkley and Megan Upshaw (the first ten minutes of my hair appointment at Suki’s), I told them that the haircut I got today, would be the hairstyle in the graduation photos that will be up on my family’s photo wall for the next 20+ years. No pressure or anything.

One cool thing about Suki’s on Granville is that they have a color bar at which you can chat with their in-house colour designer, Abbie, about dyes and highlights. I had previously dyed my black hair a dark reddish brown, but overtime, the color started to fade and get too light and my roots were definitely showing. I told Abbie I wanted a good girl look and a natural color so that I would “never” have to deal with the hideous roots problem again. I didn’t even need to flip through a book of color samples or anything like that- apparently my description of the look and color I wanted was so clear to her she was able to easily decide what color to dye my hair. (I attribute it to the blogger in me speaking out with straight-forward descriptions).

The whole process took about an hour and a half and during that time, I was able to chat with both Abbie and Megan about their forecasts for upcoming hair trends for 2009:

One notable observation is that hair trends tend to align with the stages of our economy. For example, with all this recent talk of the recession, clients tend to look for hair which is easy to maintain! So you have the option of stretching out the time between salon visits and saving a bit of money in the meantime. Darker, more natural looks are also in style but you want a hint of color, try going for highlights! These looks are less extravagant and more natural and provide timeless value for your fabulous hairstyle.

If you’re interested in heading to Suki’s for your next haircut and want to check out my colorist or stylist, make your appointment by calling 604.687.8805.


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