Suki’s Hair Contest – Winning Entry!!

In October, Modern Mix Vancouver collaborated with Suki’s Hair Salon & Spa to put on a contest exclusive to MMV readers. [Read the original post here] Participants had to write in with their most traumatizing haircut stories to “make us laugh, make us cry” and “make us cringe in embarrassment”. I was thoroughly surprised by how many of you have been mistaken for a boy, styled with a mullet or ended up with an orange-colored dye job. But the entry which stood out was by Marian Ho, who wrote in with a delightful poem of her traumatizing hair experience. Rest assured, I promise this won’t happen with you at Suki’s Hair Salon.

Thanks to Suki’s Hair for making this contest possible!
And thanks to all those who entered our contest in support of Modern Mix Vancouver!

Now, here’s the winning entry by Marian Ho:

Last December, I desperately needed a trim
I tried a new salon and went out on a whim

My mom suggested a place she went to called Yuki’s
After going home that day, I knew I shoulda tried Suki’s

At first, the cut was looking just great
I was excited to look fab for my Christmas date

She then prepared to cut my bangs, told me to close my eyes
But when she was done 5 minutes later, I was horribly surprised

My bangs were so short, I almost had no hair
They were cut straight across and my forehead was bare

Did she put a bowl on my head and cut against the rim?
My chances of looking good for Christmas were now very slim

There was no point in screaming, it will grow back soon enough
I went home and tried to conceal the mess with some hair stuff

I vowed that I would never return to that place called Yuki’s
I hope I win this contest so I can get pampered at Suki’s

Thanks to Suki’s Hair, Marian received a hair cut, color and style at the downtown location on West Georgia and Burrard!  So how was her actual experience?  Marian writes for Modern Mix Vancouver some more about her time at Suki’s.

My first Suki’s experience was definitely a pleasant one. I was greeted by friendly staff and was offered some hot tea or coffee—much needed for a cold and rainy Vancouver night. I started off at the “Colour Bar”, where my colourist Abbie and I picked out my hair colour-to-be. She tailored a suitable colour for me, much like a bartender who makes you a drink that suits your taste or mood. I sat at a communal “colouring” table, where all the “colourful” ladies and gents sit, as Abbie coloured my hair, an experience that was fresh to me. After rinsing out the colour and conditioning, I was almost certain that my scalp and forehead would be stained because I could feel the dye on my skin. Amazingly and impressively, I was completely clean! Whew!

Next, I moved on to my cut with Melissa. Although very risk-averse, I really wanted something different than my long layers that I’ve had for the past eons—maybe a long bob. Melissa explained to me that my hair was too layered and I could not experiment too much. I let her decide the style after telling her my preferred length. After precise snips and careful texturizing, I was extremely happy with the end result. Thanks to Abbie and Melissa, I ended up with a rich dark brown, mid-length, straight blunt-cut. Overall, I found my Suki’s stylists very professional and knowledgeable about their form of art—and so they should be! My delightful Suki’s experience will bring me back for more—next time, I’ll get that long bob!

And, for the record, I recently ran into Marian a few days after she got her hair cut and color and I can most definitely testify that it looks great.  Super sleek and smooth, a very clean and natural color.  Thanks Marian for sharing this with Modern Mix Vancouver readers!

Here is the original contest flyer:


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