Kiss Me Mascara – sampling program

By guest-writer Colleen Lau

Do you ever get frustrated when your mascara flakes, clumps or rubs off?  Well, behold…!  I have found a solution in Kiss Me Mascara, a Japanese product that forms waterproof tubes around your lashes and can be washed off with only warm water while the coming out as hollow tubes into your sink.

I went to the Kiss Me Mascara website and found out about their sampling program. I emailed them with questions and I was promptly responded to within 2 hours. You can buy a sample for $3.99 and get a 10% discount off the $30 full size purchase. When I first received my sample, I was so excited!  It was quite tiny…about a week’s worth of use.  Of course, the full sized versions are much bigger and they come in colors including black, dark brown, medium brown, dark blue, dark purple and dark green.

This product is also being used in Hollywood. Quoting Rachel Mcadams, “I prefer Kiss Me mascara…It doesn’t smudge and you can take it off with water”. This product has also been featured in magazines including InStyle, Allure, Vogue and LouLou.

While wearing the mascara, my lashes felt smooth and plastic-like.  The selling point is how the tubes actually go around your lashes, 360 degrees, even when I only applied the mascara to the underside of my top lashes. I loved how they looked natural and how they weren’t clumped.  Overall, I have only heard positive things about Kiss Me Mascara.  For me personally, this mascara worked well because I hate using makeup removers which often irritates my eyes. 

So take your pick and try something new!  If you’re too impatient to wait two weeks for your samples to arrive, buy a full sized tube of Kiss Me Mascara from Blue Ruby for $30.


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  1. Greetings Colleen Lau, We certainly appreciate the positive review you gave of our mascara.

    We wanted to let your readers know that we have launched a social media campaign to promote the “buzz” about why women love our mascara, eyeliner, and skin care products.

    Anyone who follows us on (@blinc) are eligible to receive FREE mascara and eyeliner samples to try out.

    Thanks again for your review. -blinc

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