The Art Institute presents LA MUSIQUE

Photographs by MMV Photographer, Grace Lau.

At the Art Institute graduating class fashion show “La Musique” at the River Rock Theater, I have come to realize that despite being a “fashion” show, hundreds of audience members were in support of the designers and models; from wardrobe stylists, to make-up artists, to media members, to associated charity members, to writers and journalists, and blog writers toting along their loyal photographers with their SLRs and zoom lenses! Not to mention entire posses of family members supporting the 35 members of the AI graduating class with big bouquets of flowers in hand.

Noteworthy mentions from the night included a collection from Nancy Luong and her use of tie-dye patterns. By using light pastel patterns, swirls of pink, purple and green highlighted her pieces in a tasteful fashion, which were displayed in a grown-up playfulness.

Amanda Jackson showcased a collection reminiscent of when Alice went down the rabbit hole in Wonderland and met the Queen of Hearts. Her use of red, black and navy blue fabrics, highlighted with white, and the rigidity of her models, boldly stood out in primary colors.

After an interlude of video projections of an underwater scene, the couture of Chau Tran appropriately followed with big structured bows jutting out like fins, with pleats and folds on full-length, prom-like dressed.

As the beat of Faster Kill Pussycat (by Paul Oakenfold) played, Tina Tam’s biker-style pieces came down the runway with clear plastic components paired with silver studded leather. Mini skirts and silver zippers and corset-style lacing, her look was rockstar glam vs. dominatrix power.

Although the entire graduating class displayed a sense of originality, I noticed three reappearing trends in the midst of their diversity.

  1. The “sweetheart” shaped and strapless necklines which portrays a feminine look of glamor by accentuating the neck and shoulders.
  2. Corsette-style, criss-crossing lace-ups. These appeared on the front and back of tops as well as more subtly on short-sleeved blouses.
  3. Parallel columns of buttons, big and small. Similar to the buttons on double-breasted winter coats but on tops instead.

Lastly, despite only being recent graduates at the Art Institute, we should not undermine a student’s knack for predicting upcoming trends. These are our local fashion icons for the future. Take their pieces as inspiration for your own style as these are the fresh ideas of eager young graduates who are about to face the real world of fashion and design.


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