BLUBIRD – new boutique on Alberni and Burrard

Blubird, the contemporary boutique of Boboli, is having its grand opening weekend! Located on 1055 Alberni Street in downtown, Vancouver, on the same block as Betsey Johnson, it was very convenient for me to check it out on grand opening day Friday August 15th on my way home from work.

I was originally drawn to this store because of its name. I absolutely adore anything to do with bird silhouettes and I was pleased to discover several items of Blubird branded in-house clothing lines. (They even had branded pens, waterbottles and bottled water splashed with their logo).

In terms of clothing, I had my eye on a very staple, cotton zip-up hoodie (think TNA) with a contrasting hood lining. Dark grey with fuchsia, light grey with lime…all with Blubird scribbled on on hood and a birdie logo on the sleeve. Other young, hip, fresh but not outrageous items included neon colored pashminas – light enough for late summer, but colorful enough to stand out in the fall. Other brands included Vince, Juicy, Earnest Sewn and an assortment of Hello Kitty motifs on handbags and other clothing and accessories.

Below are some photos of the store I took:

I would almost describe Blubird’s store design as a mini Holt Renfrew; with its white furniture, neatly hung clothing, stylish mannequins, uniquely geometric shelves and even a Stila cosmetics counter!


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