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Modern Mix Monday – Traffik at Tunnel

Looking for something to do? Every Monday morning, we present to you “Modern Mix Monday”, a brief but link-filled one-paragraph review of our past weekend loaded with suggestions to inspire you for your next!

On Friday I went to Tunnel Multi-Lounge (622 West Pender Street) for their Traffik Fridays. I haven’t been to Tunnel since May when they first opened for their media/industry party (I wrote an entry about it here) but the service at Tunnel was as if it were opening night all over again. Friendly bouncers, patient bartenders and an efficient door girl who instantly sorted out my guest list issues. The white couches are definitely comfortable to just chill on when you’re taking a break from the dance floor and we didn’t get snobby treatment for turning down bottle service although we definitely gave more than enough business to the bar with our rounds of jagerbombs and gladiators!

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