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American Apparel – Rummage Sale Update (Dec. 4th to 6th)

After a busy sale in Toronto last week, the American Apparel rummage sale opened this morning at 10am at the PNE Hastings Room (2901 East Hastings). We got to the rummage sale at noon today and the estimated wait time to the front was 2.5 hours. There is a coat check when you first enter the room. It wasn’t too crowded inside, and I could move around comfortably.
There’s two tents of stuff – everything was on racks, but every once in a while they would bring in a new box of stuff and dump it onto a table on the side. Prices were decent – $8 for leggings, $6 for ribbed tank tops, $7 for t-shirts, $10 for skirts, etc. However, be warned that selection is difficult, especially since things weren’t organized by size. Even kids stuff was thrown in.
Colors were a bit weird – a lot of neon and polka dots, and weird cuts (especially for girls). It was challenging to find anything “normal” – for example, there would be sweatpants, but they would be cropped at an unflattering length. Even the legging colors are the “unpopular” ones – ie. maroon or a weird shade of purple…or polkadots. Bras/underwear consisted of the really cheap, stringy cotton kind, not worth the dig through the boxes. There were lots of hoodies there, but honestly – I really didn’t need another one.
I was lucky enough to find a “Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau” (wear it 15 ways) dress in an aqua blue color for $12, but that’s all I got. Maybe you will have better luck than me!

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