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Plum – Mad Men inspired fall 2010 looks

Anyone been watching Mad Men this season?  If you’ve been inspired by their 1960’s workforce fashion, and want to recreate looks on your own, look not further than Plum Clothing for their Mad Men inspired fall 2010 looks.  From their press release:

Suits and separates are making a comeback this fall.  A more competitive workforce and influences such as the hit series Mad Men, are leading us into fall 2010 with more structured, classic looks. Let’s face it, we can’t all have a boss that looks like Don Draper but whether you want to mimic the Madison Avenue style of Mad Men or  are simply looking to revamp and restyle your office basics, Plum’s fall line helps you accomplish a look that is both office appropriate and will have people talking at the water cooler.

Plum Clothing Mad Men Fall 2010 plum mad men

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