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Coffee Text: Buy Coffee in Canada via Text Message

Based out of Vancouver, Coffee Text is a new mobile shopping service that lets Canadian coffee enthusiast subscribers conveniently discover and buy coffee via text message from coffee roasters. There’s no obligation, minimum sign up, or recurring orders, so there’s no need to manage deliveries. It takes just two minutes to sign up and two seconds to order.

How does it work? will send subscribers an exclusive offer featuring vetted coffee with savings of up to 50%. To make a purchase, simply reply to the text message with the quantity you wish to order. That’s it!

“As a coffee lover myself I’m always excited to discover coffee from a new neighbourhood I’m visiting for the first time, or when a friend drops by with a bag from a recent trip. At Coffee Text we can’t wait to help people discover their new favourite coffee in the most convenient way possible.” Aslan Amini, Founder, Coffee Text.

Coffee Text plans to launch their service by the end of summer 2021. All those who sign up in July and August 2021 will be automatically enrolled as part of the Founding Members group and will receive first access to exclusive roasts and promotions.

To sign up or to find more information, visit


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