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BLUBIRD – new boutique on Alberni and Burrard

I absolutely adore anything to do with bird silhouettes and I was pleased to discover several items of Blubird branded in-house clothing lines…

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Modern Mix Monday – Chill Winston

Looking for something to do? Every Monday morning, we present to you “Modern Mix Monday”, a brief but link-filled one-liner review of our past weekend loaded with suggestions to inspire you for your next!

Dessert and Drinks on Friday night at Chill Winston in Gastown. Got the “Pursuit” cocktail (Absolut pear vodka, apple liqueur, gazela vinho verde, pear and ginger puree and a dash of lemonade) while my friend got fruity sangria. We shared the dessert sampler “The Beast of Both Worlds” with bite sized fruit and choclate desserts. Small and dainty but surprisingly great for sharing because their sweets (fudge, moouse, cheesecake, etc.) are so filling.

Events & Lifestyle

BLO’s 1st Anniversary – Naughty or Nice Block Party

Yesterday evening, I went with my friend Miranda of Style By Fire to Blo Blow Dry Bar‘s Naughty or Nice Block Party in Yaletown in support of the BC Cancer Foundation. When we got there at around 7pm, the patio party was absolutely packed…and for good reason! Event admission was a $5 charity donation, yet its entertainment value exceeded that by far. With great support from local restaurants (including Opus and Cactus Club Cafe) yummy appetizers and drinks were served – from mini burgers to grilled scallops, from mojitos to beer.
Brent Ray Fraser and artwork in action

On one end of the party, Aziya, a home salon service for girly beautifying sessions, had set up a station with three manicurists to pamper the party guests. On the other end was Brent Ray Fraser putting on an art show. In between was a standing fashion show with local designers. Strangely enough, I ran into a friend from elementary school there and he had an item of clothing from his line Chinamen’s Club up on stage. Stay tuned, I am sure some of the local companies I have mentioned in this entry will appear again in the next few weeks! All in all, it was a very “Yaletown” event – young urban professionals, stylish guests, and, of course, being patrons of Blo: well-groomed hair.

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Fans of “sophisticated” men’s high-fashion, expensive goods and the obscure in general may take interest in dropping by the Komakino. Currently located in 111 East Pender St. in Chinatown Vancouver, this “Guerrilla Shop” has covered various downtown locations, frequently moving around with little attempt at raising its awareness to the general public.

Fashion & Retail

O.B. Promotion – “mighty small”

Not too long ago, I was contacted through Modern Mix Vancouver by Matchstick, a Toronto “word of mouth” company with O.B. as one of its clients. After answering a few preliminary questions, I was postal-mailed a huge (as in the-length-of-my-arm) trial kit with a ton of goodies, aka a comfort pack which included a bottle of EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL, a hot water bottle, the newest issue of Elle Canada, and a ton of tampon samples with cutesy, stylish case packaging (see picture on left – my friend and I were joking about reusing them for mints or gum), and an aluminum water bottle branded with the words “mighty small”.

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POP OPERA – grand opening review

…the same architectural structure as the old Club 686 yet modern updates, including lighting and artwork, gave it an upscale feel…