Suki’s Hair Show

From updos, to long tousled hair, to sleek bob cuts, the stylists at Suki’s can do them all. Most notably was the use of hair pieces and extensions to enhance the models, transforming their look into an almost space-like creation. Pre-made accessories were inserted into the hair, creating thicker texture, higher volume and more intricate hair styles. The audience came for a show, and a performance was what they got. Burlesque dancers came on stage with extravagant headpieces. Shortly after, models dressed in fashion outfits made completely out of paper walked across the stage, one with fiery red hair which contrasted the whiteness of her paper outfit.

Keep on reading for photos and video footage from the event!

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Vancouver Fashion Week 2009

It’s that time of the year again. And with a website name like “Modern Mix Vancouver”, it’s only appropriate that we cover the 9th annual Vancouver Fashion Week, which takes place at Storyeum. The opening gala last night at Leone (757 West Hastings Street) featured a melange of fashionable designers, models, media and photographers.

A widespread range of chocolates by Daniel was available for sampling, wine was served in the back corner of the spacious venue, and jewelry and accessories were displayed on glass counter tops as members of the fashion industry mingled and networked throughout the evening. Keep on reading for show schedules, designer highlights, a photography gallery as well as a discount coupon for VFW.

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Kwantlen Fashion Show (Wednesday April 1, 2009)

Watch 27 graduating Kwantlen fashion students showcase their designs at The Show on April 1, 2009 at the River Rock Theater (8811 River Road). Matinee tickets for the 1:00pm and 3:30pm show are $15 while the 7:30pm evening show is $30. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here. Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, stay tuned for a review on Modern Mix Vancouver.

Dubbed The Show, this year’s stage will feature one of the most exciting and diverse range of collections ever presented by this program. Designers reach new markets such as motorcycle menswear for boomers, eco?friendly bridal gowns, and travel wear for boys.

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Vancouver Fashion Week (March 24th to 29th)

Widely recognized as a global platform for designers, Vancouver Fashion Week has become the West Coast’s most prestigious event, bringing together 15,000 designers, buyers, local and international media and the city’s fashionable set.
Now in its 8th year, VFW will kicks off the Fall/Winer 2009 runway collections in Whistler, BC at Garfinkel’s (Whistler’s largest nightclub and live concert venue) with a runway show featuring trends in snowboard and ski wear. The rest of the runway shows will be at Storyeum (142 Water Street) in Gastown. Thursday brings a focus on local designers, Friday features sustainable clothing lines, Saturday showcases international designers and the week finishes off on Sunday with streetwear.

Recognized as a global platform for designers and sponsors, VFW has become the West coast’s most prestigious event, bringing together a captive audience of 15,000+. Now celebrating its ninth year, VFW has established itself as a highly successful and widely recognized event providing a forum to nurture and celebrate the fashion industry in Vancouver. In recent years, VFW has featured internationally acclaimed designers including Versace, Parasuco, Rocawear, Ecko and Anna Sui in addition to emerging designers, such as Patricia Fieldwalker, David Dickson and Sanjana Jon.

For a complete designer line-up, schedule and show info, or to purchase tickets visit

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The Art Institute presents LA MUSIQUE

Although the entire graduating class displayed a sense of originality, I noticed three reappearing trends in the midst of their diversity:

1. The “sweetheart” shaped and strapless necklines which portrays a feminine look of glamor by accentuating the neck and shoulders.

2. Corsette-style, criss-crossing lace-ups. These appeared on the front and back of tops as well as more subtly on short-sleeved blouses.

3. Parallel columns of buttons, big and small. Similar to the buttons on double-breasted winter coats but on tops instead.

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