7 Halloween Costume Ideas for People Who Wear Glasses

The start of October means Halloween is less than a month away — have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet?  Whether you are normally a prescription glasses wearer, or just want to try out glasses for a day, Halloween is the most acceptable day of the year to experiment with a new look.  From Steve Urkel of Family Matters to Harry Potter, here are seven costume ideas that incorporates glasses as a central prop for your Halloween outfit.

Amy Fowler: Big Bang Theory

Going for a classic nerd look this Halloween? Dress up as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory!  All you need are rectangle designer glasses online; the rest of the outfit –a patterned blouse, a button up sweater, a knee length skirt, dark tights and brown loafers — can easily be picked up from your local thrift store.  Top off your look with the right hairstyle: a sideways part held in place with a hair clip.


Clark Kent: Superman

When Clark Kent isn’t Superman, he’s just a regular suit-and-tie guy, working a regular job.  Dress up as Clark Kent with a black suit and tie, a peek of a Superman t-shirt underneath, and those perfect mens glasses online that complete the look.  Clark Kent is known for his black horn rim rectangle glasses, a classic and versatile shape that can be worn long after Halloween.


Harry Potter

Wizard fans will love dressing up as Harry Potter this Halloween.  All you need are thin metal round glasses, preferably titanium with a white button down shirt and a vest over it. For his black robe, you can easily get one in thrift store and just wear a long black jacket.  To show your Gryffindor pride, get a cheap gold tie and scarf, and draw in stripes with a red fabric pen.


Steve Urkel: Family Matters

Throwback to one of the hottest TV shows of the 90’s and be Steve Urkel from Family Matters.  Wear blue jeans with a plaid shirt and suspenders, and of course, oversized glasses. Throw in a pair of loafers or brown sneakers and Steve Urkel is in the house!


Walter White: Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad sure makes chemistry a lot more interesting! You can dress up as Walter white in two ways, one is to get old beige coloured clothing- like the jacket and the pork pie hat or get the yellow hazmat suit ( a raincoat works too) with white goggles, but to truly pin the Meth King look, you need aviator style glasses and crushed blue candy.


Men in Black

How your wallet will thank you for going Classy men in black, all you need is a black suit, with a black tie and black wayfarers to swing in style. All you wall street men can definitely give people a run for their money if you can manage a toy gun! This character costume is all about the rx sunglasses, so it’s high time to invest in the right pair of prescription sunglasses to not have you scampering around town!