Weird and Wonderful Technological Gadgets for Your Enjoyment

Technology is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Thanks to technology and its rate of advancement, we can now enjoy a selection of things that were once only available in our imaginations. Every day there is a new gadget coming out and surprising us with its new-fangled features and settings- it boggles my mind to think what sort of things will be invented in the next 6 months, let alone the next 6 years!

So what weird and wonderful techy-gadgets have come out in 2017 that are worth mentioning? We have rounded up some of the craziest ones, but if you are looking for functional accessories that are way cheaper than some of these, then go here instead.

Geko Smart Whistle

The Smart Whistle is a whistle-like device with a difference. The difference is that when this is blown, instead of emitting a high-pitched noise, the Geko will text, call, and email all of your contacts with your GPS location as well as giving you an option to record a message as well. A definite lifesaver for those that are prone to getting into sticky situations.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

If your partner snores at night, then you will be familiar with the frustration and even anger that it can cause. Poking them in the ribs in the middle of the night is not always effective, so imagine if the bed would do it for you? Whilst this bed won’t ACTUALLY poke your snoring partner in the ribs, it will subtly move them when they start snoring, in a bid to improve their position. It will also make parts of the mattress harder and softer, depending on your position and it can even warm your feet for you when the long, winter months roll in!

Kerastase Hair Coach

They say that your hair is your crowning glory, and if that is especially true for you then this could be the device you have been looking for. The Hair Coach is made in conjunction with L’Oreal and has a built-in microphone that monitors the sound of the hairbrush being brushed through your hair. It then analyses these results to detect patters and feeds it into a smartphone app which will give you advice, updates, and information on the health of your hair.

These are just some of the incredible gadgets that have been launched in 2017, based on these, who knows what could possibly be in store for 2018? Watch this space!


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