Lucky and Life-Changing Wins That’ll Make You Say ‘Jackpot’

Playing slots in offline or online casinos offers you a real chance of bagging some life-changing wins. This is even more true in case of online progressive jackpot slots, wherein a portion of the bet losses of all the related slots players throughout the world, add up into the jackpot pool.

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Let’s now talk about Shirley Lama, a granny from Ontario, Canada who won a whopping $33,858 by doing what? Accidentally pressing some slot machine buttons in a casino while reaching out for her drink! (You can read more about Ontario on this page at

As it happened!

The grandmother of 12 kids had been regularly going to the OLG Casino in July, 2015, ever since the place had opened some time ago. She said she’d normally try to visit casinos at least once a week, whenever money allowed, and would normally play penny machines.

She decided to visit the casino once again on the Seniors Day and sat down to play some slots. It started as just another day at the slots for her. Shirley was playing China Shores Konami Machine, a slot machine having a free spin bonus, wherein there isn’t any limit on the number of free spins. She normally used to place only penny bets, but having won some cash earlier that day, she switched her bet amounts to five-cents instead.

Just as Shirley was reaching over for her drink, she inadvertently pressed the max-bet button on the machine. She didn’t realise what she had done and continued pressing the spin-out button, at least 2 more times. What happened was that she was placing $ 11.25 per spin bets! To her surprise, the spin entered her into the bonus round of the slot game, where the bonus feature ended up re-triggering more number of free spins. In the end, she ended up bagging over 700 free spins on the slot machine – a record for that casino!

The re-triggering was too much for her to handle, so much that her pulse rose and her heart started pounding heavily. She stepped out of the casino to smoke a cigarette and puff on an inhaler. When she returned, she saw a large group of people gathered around her machine, which was still spinning.

The slot machine kept spinning, and spinning and spinning, for more than an hour. It’s spun for so long that Shirley had enough time to head out for another cigarette, and even purchased some lottery tickets – experimenting with her newfound luck! What more, she even grabbed a coffee!

When she finally went back inside, and the slot machine stopped spinning, Shirley Lima had won a total of $ 33,858.

It was all utterly shocking for her!  Shirley and her husband Jack Byford decided to pay off some bills and go on a trip with the won money.  You can read more on this story at


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